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When we humans were fishes we lived trapped in the net that patriarchal discourse weaved around us some thousands years ago.
Even now we continue to be prisoners in a mesh of small squares that captures us, weakens us, takes away our freedom and makes us victims of limiting believes. These are for instance that life has a meaning only if we find our soulmate or if we become mothers and fathers; that we have to avoid solitude and that the greatest fulfillment depends on how successfully we integrate to the social system; that happiness is to please others and that resignation, submission and obedience are values to increase. They made us consider normal and correct to have men as leaders, or women sharing masculine principles, while intuition and emotion are mostly trivial. With
With these knots a giant invisible net has been weaved with the purpose that as captive fishes, it will be very difficult for us to free and empower ourselves. But the present installation shows and permits us to perceive ourselves trapped in a big net and leads us to inquire about the multiple system believes we absorb and accompany us towards a new path of awareness and evolution. Exactly as fishes progressed mutating in amphibians and started breathing and walking on the ground, so we will behave: we will abandon the depths of the ocean of unawareness and will start to live with responsibility, self resolution and full awaken consciousness our life on Earth.

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