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DOWN BELOW / ALLA ABAJO project was realized thanks to the “J. Zagar” award for contemporary Latin-American women artists that I received and was exhibited in Philadelphia Magic Garden Museum in Philadelphia from May to July 2018. The subject of the residency and grant promoted a series of reflections about the delicate relationship between Mexico and USA: a feminine Latin-American point of view to the North-American actual society.

Based on the structure of the museum, I presented three different series of works for each available space. In the first room I presented an installation, that give the name to the all project, DOWN BELOW / ALLA ABAJO, a 12mt. huge Mexican flag sown with the garments of Mexican people, laying on the floor to analyse the place where North-American society hold in general Latinos people.

The series POSTCARDS FROM PHILADELPHIA / POSTALES DESDE PHILADELPHIA are small format embroideries inspired by the reality perceived in the Pennsylvania capital: people, places, situations, advertising… During my residency I draw, photographed and wrote a lot and when I returned in my studio in Oaxaca, all that material was patiently transformed in embroidery.

Last installation MORE IS ALWAYS BETTER / MAS ES SIEMPRE MEJOR is a reflection about the excessive consumerism in USA.





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